Friday, November 30, 2012

I Am Thankful For...The End

Well, I hate to say it, but I'm glad this month is over. I've enjoyed coming up with daily things to be thankful for, but I have to admit it got to be a bit challenging... I guess that's why it's called a challenge!

Of course I will continue to be thankful for all the blessings in my life, both big and little. But for today I'm thankful for a break from writing about them! ;)

In case you missed some days or want to get caught up, here is the complete list of days, including links to all of them:

Day 1: Grapes
Day 2: Frozen Peas
Day 3: Grandparents 
Day 4: The Number 7
Day 5: The Terrible Twos 
Day 6: SITSahs
Day 7: Diane Sawyer
Day 8: Other People's Kids
Day 9: Sippy Cups  
Day 10: My Oldest Child 
Day 11: Bleach
Day 12: 65 Degrees  
Day 13: Babies, Bellies, Wind and Fruit Snacks 
Day 14: People who don't realize that I missed a day. Oops!
Day 15: Aunt Suzie
Days 16-21: My Six Best 'Friends'
Day 22: The Real Stuff
Day 23: Garden Hoses  
Day 24: Musical Christmas Toys
Day 25: Friendsgivingmas
Days 26 & 27: Thumbs and Hairdressers
Day 28: Frosty The Elf
Day 29: The Week After Thanksgiving
Day 30: The End

*In the spirit of Thanksgiving, "I Am Thankful For..." is a blog challenge I have decided to do during the month of November. Each day I will pick one thing that I am thankful for and blog about it. Obviously I am extremely thankful for the many things in my life I am blessed with, such as a wonderful family, my health and my family's health, great friends, a roof over my head, food on the table, and more. But this series is about all the other day-to-day things that I sometimes take for granted and that make life just a little bit better -- you know, the little things. To see a list of all the posts in this series, please click here.


  1. Good job at completing the challenge!

  2. I don't know how you did this! I would be thankful for the end too! Hats off to you and PS - I'm from the burgh - Pittsburgh Steeler time woot woot ;-)

  3. {Melinda} This was a good challenge... deliberating thinking about all the things we have to be grateful for always improves our mood! :)