Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a Minute

I realized the other day that I tell Alec and Chase "just a minute" a lot. If I got paid a nickle every time I said "just a minute" to one of them, I think I could retire now. In fact, there's a good chance I even say it to them in my sleep.

I'm not sure why I use this phrase so often. It just seems to roll off my tongue the second they ask me for something. When Alec asks for a snack... "Ok, just a minute." When he needs help with something... "I'll be there in just a minute." When Chase thinks his stomach is going to eat itself since he hasn't eaten in (gasp) three whole hours... "Relax Chase, the bottle will be ready in just a minute."

Sometimes there is a legitimate reason for using this phrase, like when Chase is on the changing pad on his dresser and Alec thinks the world is ending because he can't reach a toy that rolled under the couch... "I can't leave Chase unattended Alec. I'll help you in just a minute." But other times I think I'm just so used to saying "just a minute" that my mind goes on autopilot and says it before I even process what they need. And other times it's just a selfish way for me to buy a few more seconds to check my email or updated my facebook status (or occasionally finish something productive like loading the dishwasher or folding a load of laundry).

Regardless of the reason, my kids probably think that "just a minute" is what you say to someone when they ask you something. And with Alec being the copycat that he is these days, I'm surprised he hasn't started using the phrase when I ask him to do something like wash his hands. And speaking of washing hands, it sounds like Chad is just about finished with his nightly routine of bathing the kids since Alec is on the way down the stairs asking for his bedtime snack and milk. And do you know what I told him? "Hold on Alec, I'll get it in just a minute as soon as I'm done blogging..."

My Next Mommy's Always Write Topic: Why are my kids so darn cute when I'm not around them?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My First Post

For five days now I've sat down at the computer to write about life as a mommy.

Day 1 I was going to write about the cute thing that Chase does with his legs when I walk up the stairs with him...but that didn't seem like the right topic for my first post. Afterall, you don't know anything about Chase.

Day 2 I was going to have an online dialog with myself on whether or not to start potty training Alec this week...but that didn't seem like the first thing I should write about either since you don't know anything about Alec.

Day 3 I was going to share my opinions about those voice-prompted, automated phone answering services where the machine on the other end of the phone attempts to understand what you're saying to it (ok, not really related to being a mommy, but that's what was on my mind that day)...but that seemed like a topic for a rainy day.

And Day 4  I was going to share my successes and failures with nursing and how I feel about both...but I thought that was too controversial and personal for my first post.

So here I am four days later with all these things I want to write about but no posts. Day 5 is the day I am officially writing my first post...a post about my first post (kind of sounds like a Seinfeld episode). I'm also going to use this as a chance to introduce you to my family and provide a glimpse of what I plan to share through this blog.

You'll get to know me and my family much more through my blog, but here are some cliff notes. If you don't already know, my name is Kim. In my previous life (before being a mommy), I worked in public relations and graphic design. I am married to my wonderful husband, Chad, of over eight years. We have the "typical" American family of husband, wife, and 2.5 kids (the .5 being our dachshund-rat terrier dog, Smidgen). Our oldest son is Alec, who is two and a half and just started preschool last week (which, by the way, is going better than I could have asked for!). Our youngest son is Chase, who is coming up on six months, and the really cute thing that he does with his legs when I'm carrying him up stairs is pump them up and down like he's walking up the stairs too.

I love my family dearly, but sometimes they just drive me up the wall! Through this blog I hope to share my frustrations of being a parent, my funny stories of how my kids embarrass me (just wait for the "tickle tickle" one that Alec got me with...), and my opinions on everything from sharing household responsibilities to Valentine's Day cards to Daylight Savings Time.

My hope is that for each post that I share, there is someone reading who can relate to it in one way or another, someone who can say "been there done that" or "I'm glad I'm not the only one going through that." And I also hope if that person happens to be you, that you take a few seconds to say so!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Until next time...


The Next Mommy's Always Write Topic: "Just a Minute"