Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Am Thankful For...Friendsgivingmas

Friendsgivingmas is the annual tradition that we began with several of our friends a few years ago, even before kids were in the picture for any of us.

Thanksgiving seems to be the one weekend a year where most of us are in the same area, and we take advantage of that by getting together for a big Thanksgiving/Christmas get together. It's always a great time, filled with lots of fun, food, laughter and reminiscing. While it's usually the same crowd from year to year, the growing kids make each year it's own unique gathering.

It's friends. It's Thanksgiving. It's Christmas. All in one night! What could be better?!

This year's highlights included Alec spilling soda all over the floor, Alec looking up a friend's skirt, and Alec laying on top of this same friend claiming he was "tickling" her. Maybe instead of being thankful for Friendsgivingmas, I should be thankful for the innocence of young children. And for cameras so that we can capture these events on film for future blackmailing purposes.

*In the spirit of Thanksgiving, "I Am Thankful For..." is a blog challenge I have decided to do during the month of November. Each day I will pick one thing that I am thankful for and blog about it. Obviously I am extremely thankful for the many things in my life I am blessed with, such as a wonderful family, my health and my family's health, great friends, a roof over my head, food on the table, and more. But this series is about all the other day-to-day things that I sometimes take for granted and that make life just a little bit better -- you know, the little things. To see a list of all the posts in this series, please click here.

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