The Inspirations

I wouldn't even have a blog (at least a Mommy blog) if it weren't for the two little energizer bunnies in my life. They provide me with more writing topics than I ever would have thought possible! Here is a little bit of background on them so you can get to know them better.



Smart. Serious. Good. Alec is our first-born, and these are the three words I use to describe him in a nutshell. He's our little bookworm who loves to read and learn new things. While he likes to have fun and goof off, he tends to be on the more serious side, approaching life with caution and observing everything. He's also a good kid...almost too good it sometimes seems. Of course we still have plenty of years ahead of us for things to change! But seriously, he really is a very good child.

He loves anything to do with music, and he recently started taking piano lessons and is doing great. He enjoys puzzles and reading, and he would sit in front of the TV watching Disney Junior all day if I let him. He recently discovered Disney Junior computer games, which have been the cause of plenty of battles when "game time" is over (and I have a feeling these battles are nothing compared to the ones I may face down the road if we end up getting a video game system).

Alec's diet and food tastes never cease to amaze me. I swear he has the taste buds of a 70-year-old lady. He loves salads, and will occasionally request lettuce as a snack. If we have pizza and salad for dinner, he will eat the salad and leave the pizza on his plate. He also loves pretty much all fruit, vegetables and anything healthy.

Alec also loves amusement parks. I never would have guessed that he would be our roller coaster fanatic, but he hasn't met a ride he didn't like yet.



Fun. Adventerous. Feisty. Chase is our second-born (also our last-born unless Chad's urologist snipped the wrong thing!), and these are the three words I use to describe him in nutshell. Chase is a super happy child who has fun doing just about everything. He sees everything in life as an adventure; he is always up for a challenge; and he has absolutely no fear. He likes to be the center of attention and the life of the party. He also has a little devilish side to him, but fortunately his "guilty face" gives him away every time. I think Chad and I just may have our hands full with him in the future though.

Chase is very active and does not like to sit still for long. He loves to play outside and run around wherever he can. He really looks up to Alec and likes to try to do everything that Alec does, except eat healthy food.

As active as Chase can be, he can also be a great cuddler. When he needs a break from running around, he loves to come up to me, climb in my lap, suck his thumb and lay his head on my shoulders. He also loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone (or anything) willing to accept them!