Thursday, August 30, 2012

Musical Card Land

Today I went to the card store to pick up a few cards. Six cards to be exact.

I remember when I used to be able to take my time, leisurely searching for the perfect card for everyone on my list. Now, when I take Alec and Chase with me, I'm lucky if I manage to get cards that are even for the right occasions, let alone the perfect cards.

I entered the store with Chase in the stroller, Alec right next to me, and my card list in hand. I didn't waste any time getting out the goldfish snack for the boys. That should at least get me through four cards.

Wrong. Half-way to my first card, Chase decides to dump all his goldfish out of his bowl onto the stroller tray. I pause to pick up the ones that had landed on the floor. When I look up I don't see Alec. I have a moment of panic before I hear about 17 music cards going off. I have found Alec. He has found Musical Card Land. I avoid making eye contact with the other customers as I help Alec find the homes of at least ten of the music cards. I let him keep some to keep him entertained. This buys me enough time to get one card.

Now Alec is tired of the cards he has and wants new ones. I tell him he can stay in Musical Card Land while I look for my next card. I quickly grab a second card while he is entertained. Did you know that Musical Card Land is a better babysitter than TV?

Time to find the third card on my list. Chase has finished his goldfish. He now wants a musical card too. He picks a Mickey Mouse card that does not make music. He is not happy. He wants Mickey Mouse to make music. We head back to Musical Card Land to search for a musical Mickey Mouse card.

After finding something that will work, Alec claims he has found the perfect card that he wants to get for Grandpa. I have to explain to him why Grandpa might like something other than a Justin Bieber card. Alec reluctantly gives in, having no clue who Justin Bieber even is. Chase is now tired of his card. I still only have two cards.

With a new musical card for Chase, and Alec on the hunt for another perfect card for Grandpa, I am able to get two more cards from my list. Now I'm up to four cards. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only need two more cards.

Alec has found a new card for Grandpa. It is a Goofy card. This will work. One card left!

Alec is done with the music cards. Chase has somehow managed to pull at least ten cards off the shelf. I have no idea where they came from. I begin searching for their correct locations. Alec decides Chase needs the stroller shade down. Chase does not want the stroller shade down. They begin to argue over the stroller shade. I can see the looks I am getting. As the boys argue over the stroller shade, the stroller begins to rock back and forth. I manage to grab it just before it crashes into a giant display of Christmas ornaments. Yes, Christmas ornaments. In August.

At this point I decide it is time to go. I grab the closest birthday card I can find. Great Aunt Gertrude will just have to be happy with whatever the card says. I head for the counter to pay.

While in line, I look at the last card I have grabbed. It has a monkey wearing underwear on its head. Oh least it wasn't a Justin Bieber card.


  1. My kids are 14-21. I remember those days, but I don't miss them at all. Good luck! (I'm thinking I'd start buying cards online.)

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great week.

  2. wow. you are pretty serious about picking the right card. i'm not great at it, but i always look at the cards at trader joes when i go grocery shopping. they make me think of my sister who lives a few hours from me. :)

  3. You have a budding (card) musician! Congratulations!

  4. Now that's some serious monkey business!! I hope Aunt Gertrude liked her card.

  5. I go once or twice a year and buy a load of cards for various events. Period. If those won't do we make them (I make cards so it isn't a big deal)...and my girls have their own stash of card making materials to keep them busy too.

  6. Frenetic time shopping with your boys. You had your goal and you made it. Happy SITS Day.

    My problem was phone calls. A roll of scotch tape was usually good for a call.

    Today I posted

  7. Hee hee. They should seriously make every store a drive-thru just for moms!

  8. Crazy how kids can make the easiest thing difficult. I've had kids flip out of carts, dump spaghetti on the floor of Safeway, hide in the rounders at clothing stores...don't worry though, they'll be teenagers soon enough...

  9. A drive thru store would be awesome...although my kids are awful in the car too they are always picking on each other

  10. I'm sure if you write in the card "My kids picked this out" somewhere underneath the monkey, she'll totally be fine with it.