Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Summer Survival Plan

Wasn't it just September? I could have sworn that I just went on my four-store half-day quest with Alec for his Toy Story backpack for 3-year-old preschool last week. But somehow we've managed to fly through nine months of preschool, and now the boys and I have three months of driving each other crazy quality time together.

Alec on his first day of 3-year-old preschool

Alec just finished his second year of preschool, and at his end-of-year party I had to fight to keep the tears back. I didn't want to cry because I was sad that my little boy is growing up so fast. I wanted to cry because for the next three months I don't have three mornings a week where someone else is keeping one of my boys entertained.

Alec on his last day of preschool

I am definitely not one of those moms who is creative or good at coming up with things to do. My idea of creativity is opening up the kitchen drawer with the big utensils and telling the boys to go to town.

Instead, I am one of the moms who hears about something really cool that another mom did and thinks, I wish I had thought of that. Then I proceed to "borrow" the idea. Hey, my boys will never know the difference. And besides, isn't that basically the whole idea behind Pinterest?

So with Alec used to doing really creative crafts, fun activities and playing with 15 other kids for three mornings each week, I have a feeling the transition into summer may be a bit challenging. I mean, a drawer full of big spoons is great, but it only provides entertainment for so long.

In order to help with this transition, I've really been trying to get Alec excited about the fun things we can do over the summer. So the other day when he told me he was excited for summer, I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked him what he was most excited about, and do you know what his answer was? Our upcoming beach vacation? Nope. Swimming in the pool? Nope. Amusement parks? Nope. Are you ready for this? Corn on the cob. Yep, that is what my 4-year-old is most excited about for the next three months. The sigh of relief that I had breathed moments before was quickly replaced with panic. I realized that I needed to come up with a plan.

My plan to survive the summer is a basic one. If it's a nice day, we will be at the township pool trying not to drown each other. If it's not a nice day, we will be trapped inside at home trying not to strangle each other. And regardless of the weather, assuming we have all managed not to drown or strangle each other, I will end each day with a celebratory bottle glass of wine once the kids are sleeping. It's that simple.

With my new plan in place, I'm starting to feel a little bit better about the next few months. I'm sure once we get into the swing of things, I'll have no problem keeping the boys entertained. With the pool, beach, amusement parks and play dates, I'm sure we'll have no problem surviving the next three months. And besides, if we are having a trying day there's always Pinterest and corn on the cob.

I guess it has always been one of Alec's favorite foods...


  1. Great blog!

    I found you on MBS. Check out my blog and follow me back :)

  2. Oh cool!! I like corn too. A cure to the summer boredom blues? Not so sure! But it sounds like you are off to an awesome start already!!

  3. I have both of my sons home for the summer also, I understand completely :) I hope your summer goes smoothly! New follower from MBS, I look forward to your future posts!


  4. I like corn too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your nice comment and the follow. I'm following you back via GFC.

  5. My daughter graduated from pre-school last Friday. I think it's going to be a long Summer. We'll do a lot of playdates & I'm trying to think of some fun things. It's going to rain all next week & be cool out.

    1. Popped in from SITS! I bet you'll have a blast!

  6. Now I am totally craving some good corn on the cob. He's got the right idea!

    Good luck with summer -- you can do it. Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Your little man is adorable, and hey! another Alec! (that's my husband's name and we've never heard of another one, besides the Baldwin)Pinterest is definitely a great place to get ideas. Playdough is good for keeping wee ones entertained, so are stickers, paints, bubbles, etc. Plus all of that can be done OUTSIDE so that the mess in your house is minimal or nonexistent!

  8. Happy Saturday Sharefest (yep, I found you on SITS);
    It's always so strange for me as you northern hemisphere bloggirls count the days down to summer, while I'm here in new Zealand with frosty fingers... three days into Winter.
    I hope your summer is a good one... (And I totally get about holding back the tears with each milestone... they GROW TOO FAST!)

  9. My little one has a new love for corn on the cob! She will be finishing K this year, so I totally understand holding back tears with mildstones ... overwhelming a bit is what it feels like for me! Stopping by from SITS!

  10. Don't worry, we can't all be the creative moms! My thought is that I'm stealing spotlight from them if I try to be creative, so instead, I will sit back here and be the mom who just tries to make it look put together!

    I know I'll be the crying mom this year, my daughter has had the same teaching team for 2 years and after this year, she will move on. I love her teachers and I'm going to miss them!

  11. Stopping by from SITS. Corn on the Cob, pool, amusement parks - is there more to summer than that? I am sure you all will have a great time.

    I am wishing you lots of perfect weather and plenty of corn!

  12. I'm sure you will have a summer to remember! :)

  13. :~) I am a mom with older kids and it doesn't get any easier... oh wait, I mean... it does get easier! 8-/ I guess it depends how you define "easier" -

    I actually looked forward to Summer this year for the first time in years. We're waiting til the end of July to do anything significant, but in the meantime... hanging out, loving each other and being spontaneous will have to do!

    I am over here from SITS... I visited (and liked!) your facebook page, too. Happy Summer to y'all!

  14. just found your blog on the mom's blog society.. boy do I relate to this post! My 7yr old is done with 1st grade tomorrow... and I'm dreading the next 3 months ... but I think I like your plan... dont strangle or drown each other (I have 2 younger girls too) and have a glass of wine every night :)