Sunday, May 13, 2012

Facebook and Twitter and Guest Blogs, Oh My!

If you're a follower of my blog, I'm sure you've noticed that there hasn't been much activity for the past few months. Well, there's a good reason for that. While I've been busy with the boys and birthday parties and gearing up for summer, I've also been busy getting ready for some exciting times at Mommy's Always Write!

I started Mommy's Always Write about two years ago, mostly as a way to share my thoughts and experiences of motherhood with my family, friends and anyone who would listen. But over the past year, it has started to become much more. I have had several wonderful opportunities to write for national and international parenting websites, and I have discovered how much I really like to blog. It's actually a little bit addicting!

So I have decided it's time to take Mommy's Always Write to the next level. I've been spending my recent "blogging time" creating a facebook page (, starting a Twitter account (@TweetsFromMommy) and working on some exciting new guest blogs that you'll be seeing and hearing about in the coming months. Plus, you can expect much more frequent posts on my blog itself.

And speaking of the blog itself, I am also excited to announce that Mommy's Always Write now has its own unique domain name. You can now find my blogs at (but don't worry - you can still get there using the link you have been using for the past two years as well).

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads my posts, whether you have been with me since my first post, or whether this is your first time visiting my blog. It's always great to hear about people who read my blog, whether I personally know you or not! I've been amazed to learn about people that follow Mommy's Always Write who I never would have expected. That's part of what I love about blogging!

Oh, and you should also know that I have a little bit of an indulgent side to me too... I absolutely love reading comments and getting feedback about my blog. Positive comments are awesome, but I also welcome criticism or suggestions on how I can improve. My day is made every time someone comments on a post or "likes" my new facebook page or follows me on Twitter. Seriously. I'm easily amused.

I am very excited about this next chapter of Mommy's Always Write, and I hope you'll join me on my journey. So with all that being said, I invite you to read, "like," follow, comment and enjoy!

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  1. thank you for sharing, I am really worried about my activity level this summer as we are going to travel alot for our last year in England. Glad to know that taking a break does not mean breaking up with my blog. Love your blog and look forward to seeing more from you.